Sunday, April 22, 2012

Got 24 hours free...

It's been weeks since my last destination ride and my buddy needed to drive down from Santa Cruz to drop the old lady off at a hair show in long beach which gave him a free night. I told him to load the bike up and we're going somewhere. Anywhere but here. He shows up at my house at 11am we decided on Laughlin and we were off by noon.

The Route:
Start: Dana Point, CA
5 North > 55 North > 15 East > 40 East > Goffs Road > Rout 66 > 95 North > 163 East>
Destination: Laughlin, NV

Back Home:
Laughlin > Needles Highway > 40 East > 95 South > 62 West > 10 East > Monterey Drive West > 74 West > 
Dana Point, CA

Here Some Random pics when I remembered to pull out the camera.

In n Out Barstow:

Goff's Road Exit:

Rest are heading home:

On the 95 (Here to the 62 to 29 Palms was the best riding of the trip)


At the 95 / 62 Junction:

On the 62

taking a nap

74 Looking out over Hemet:

The End.

Get on your bike it's fun!

Hope you like,

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