Sunday, June 24, 2012

32 Hours in So Cal.

I was itching to get away. I didn't want to call anyone, make plans, or be on anyone else's schedule. That's why we have motorcycles right? I live just a few hours from what I would find would be one of the most amazing places for riding I've ever been.

The Route:

It's Saturday morning around 7:30 AM and I'm out the door. I'm hungry so I stop at a familiar spot, The Look Out on the Ortega Hwy. Service is extremely slow, but they have an amazing breakfast Burrito.

Yes, I over packed, and Yes that's an air mattress and a chair on my bike. I get 40 miles from breakfast and notice my left saddlebag is hanging by a thread, plus I had to piss. Bungee'd her up and was off. 

Hesperia - Gas Stop

RidgeCrest - I've got more than a 1/4 tank left, but stopped for a fill up, grabbed a drink and relaxed for 15-20 minutes. Then off towards Lake Isabella. This is when the riding started getting fun. Awesome views & Fast Turns.

Got gas just North of the lake and kept heading up Hwy 178 by the Kern River. 20 miles up the road I randomly see this familiar bearded man (It's my buddy Chris Huber & his lady). He just happened to be stopped  with his helmet off on an FXR I've never seen before. If I was 30 seconds earlier or later I would have missed them all together. Stopped for a minute said hi, didn't have time for pictures and since I've never been to the area Chris offered me a tour. We were off again.

We stopped at the Ponderosa Lodge and Huber shared some stories over a beer and some grub.

An hour later my randomly found tour guide went to show me the next town and show me some camp sites.

Our 1st stop.
The view in the back

I guess it's a theme. every town up there has one building, it's the grocery store, lodge, and the local watering  hole (We were thirsty).

After a few hours we headed out a few miles looking for camp sites. Instead we got lost up a long dirt road and found a big tree.

Camped up for the night, woke up around 8AM got some breakfast and we split in our own directions. I decided to head out the opposite direction on Hwy 190 and Chris wanted to show the lady the Hot Springs.
 These last 20 or so miles were some of the funnest and tightest twisties with the view to match. I think half my pegs are gone. Time for a suspension lift.

At the bottom of the hill you run into Lake Success near Porterville (It felt like a success).

A few miles and gas stops later I was home. 

32 Hours 585.6 miles total trip time.

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